Healthy Fundraiser

As parents we always want to support our children but it's frustrating when they come home with a fundraising packet for sugary drinks and candy bars, or other things we don't typically buy. That's why we put together our Healthy Fundraiser Program. It's an opportunity to support your child's fundraising efforts without sacrificing your health. We enjoy working with a variety schools, sports teams, and community groups across Canada who are looking to fundraise for any reason. 

Why choose Farmer John's Herbs for your fundraiser?

  • We're a Canadian business selling Canadian products
  • Our products are affordable, non perishable and don't require refrigeration
  • Most of our products are gluten free
  • Our products are lightweight, easy to handle and easy for you to distribute
  • All of our spice mixes are based on home cooked recipes that the whole family will love - every recipe is a WINNER!
  • Your organization will get to keep 45% of the total sales ($1000 in sales equals $450 in earnings)

How it works

  1. Contact us with the date of your fundraiser and how many brochures you'll need (typically one per participant)
  2. We'll mail you all of the brochures and one Farmer John's Master Order Sheet (if you are local, we can arrange a pick up or drop off)
  3. Once you receive the brochures, you'll distribute them with a return date for participants and instructions on how buyers will receive their order (some organizations arrange for each seller to deliver their own orders or they arrange a pick up time at your organization)
  4. You will collect the orders with all of the money from your participants and tally the orders on the Farmer John's Master Order Sheet
  5. You will submit the master order sheet with appropriate payment owing to Farmer John's Herbs (you'll keep 45% of the total sales)
  6. Farmer John's Herbs will ship the product to you within a week of receiving the order
  7. You will organize and distribute the products to everyone you sold them to

Contact us to get started

(902) 582-3252 or

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