Shipping: We typically ship your orders within 1-2 business days via Canada Post. If you have another preferred method of shipping, please contact us via e-mail and this can be arranged.

Satisfaction guaranteed: We believe in our products and want you to love them too. If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason we'd like to hear from you. Please let us know the cause of the dissatisfaction as well as the lot number on the package and we can arrange a replacement or refund.

Privacy: Privacy is very important to us. We do not, and will not release any information collected from our customers to any third party. We gather only the information which is necessary to fulfill your order. 

Is your savory gluten free? Yes, it sure is!

What is the expiry date of savory?   After two years, savory may lose its flavour and colour, especially if not stored in a sealed container. There is no actual expiry date. It's a dried spice and if kept in a dry sealed container it will last for years.

What do the codes on the savory bottles mean? Farmer John's Herbs uses a Julian date system of coding. The first 2 digits are the year and the last three digits are the day of the year. Example 19025 would be January 25, 2019

Are Farmer John's Organics locally sourced? Many of the organic spices are from around the world. We only use high quality certified organic spices.

Where can I buy your products in store? Click here for a list of retailers who sell our products

I am a buyer or owner of a retail store and would like to carry your products. That's great news, we'd love to work with you. Click here for more information.