Clam Chowder Mix

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Quickly make a great tasting clam chowder with our clam chowder mix!

Clam Chowder Mix - 20 grams, No MSG, Gluten Free

Farmer John’s Own Recipe

Microwave Recipe:
In a 6 cup (1.5 L) covered microwave safe casserole, combine clam broth and water to equal 300 mL (1 1/4 cup), 7.5 mL (1/2 Tbsp) margarine and package contents.
Heat for 7- 8 minutes at medium power. 
Add: 2 small potatoes (peeled & diced). 
Microwave covered on high for 5 - 7 minutes. 
Add: 150 g of clams & 250 mL (1 cup) milk (evaporated, whole or cream). 
Microwave on medium for 5 minutes.
Do not boil. Serve hot.