Stuffing Mixes

Stuffing seems to be a distinctly North American delicacy. My European parents never knew what it was until they came here. 

The best stuffings, of course, are homemade, using traditional ingredients. We have created that taste experience for you in our stuffing mixes using natural products in proper quantities, without preservatives. The recipe we use is our own family stuffing recipe, which you can see on our recipe page. The half potato, half bread stuffing mix is a favourite for many of our friends and employees. It can be baked in the oven alone, without a turkey. The chicken stock ingredient provides the poultry flavoring. This can be prepared quickly and adds great flavor to your meal.

All of our stuffing mixes feature summer savory, grown and dried right here on our farm. Although not the largest ingredient in the package, it imparts a strong savory flavor to all the mixes. Most other prepared mixes use sage and MSG. Our stuffing mixes use only savory and taste great without MSG.

Our apple, cranberry and pecan mixes add distinct flavors, which can be enjoyed throughout the year, especially at festive holidays and occasions. The apple mix is terrific with pork and try our pecan mix with fish. - Farmer John