Organic Sage

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Our Organic Sage is often used in place of Summer Savory in stuffing mixes. It can be used anywhere Summer Savory would be used with a slightly less distinct flavor.

Organic Sage - 5 grams

Common sage is a small perennial shrub with woody stems, grayish leaves, and blue to purplish flowers. It is a member of the mint family. It is native to the Mediterranean region and commonly grown as a kitchen and medicinal herb or as an ornamental garden plant. As an herb, sage has a slight peppery flavor. In Western cooking, it is used for flavoring fatty meats (especially as a marinade), cheeses, and some drinks. In the United States, Britain and Flanders, sage is used with onion for poultry or pork stuffing and also in sauces. In French cuisine, sage is used for cooking white meat and in vegetable soups. Germans often use it in sausage dishes. Sage is also common in Italian cooking. Sage is sautéed in olive oil and butter until crisp, then plain or stuffed pasta is added